Palermo is the most sought neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, not only for its beautiful parks and gardens, but also for its cultural, culinary, fashion, entertainment and conventions offer.

Promenade Palermo Building is located in that setting, in an area of over 400m2, with a lot of space for leisure and recreation to make your stay more pleasant.

Its location offers all means of transport and the possibility of being close to everything.



The subway s D Line in Buenos Aires is one of the current 6 underground lines that the network comprises. It has got 16 stations and it is 10.41 km long. It combines A and E Line at Catedral station, and B and C Line at 9 de Julio station.

The D Line was open to public in its inaugural stretch on June 3, 1937. It goes below Diagonal Norte Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña avenue from Catedral station to Tribunales station where it runs in a diagonal way to get to the intersection of Córdoba avenue and Paraná street and goes to Facultad de Medicina station.

When it gets to Azcuénaga street, it runs in a diagonal way again, to get to the intersection of Santa Fe avenue and Pueyrredón street taking Santa Fé and then Cabildo avenue till reaching the last station Congreso de Tucumán.



It is a unique shopping in Buenos Aires dedicated to Women. Clothes, fashion and trends with the best brands in 150 stores.

Av. Santa Fe 3253 | Buenos Aires City | Argentina.



At Starbucks coffee we taste more than 150,000 each year from the best producer areas in the world. We do this because we want to offer the best grains, flavor and quality.

Starbucks was born in the U.S. and is headquartered in Seattle, but his arrival to Argentina was implemented by the Mexican group Alsea, which has license of the brand for in entire region.

Arenales 3360 | Palermo | Buenos Aires | Argentina.



With a distribution on two levels, ideal for the convenience of our customers, this complex is located one block from the Alto Palermo Shopping.

It has become one of those chosen by large companies to perform corporate events, private functions, film festivals, and non-traditional advertising.

Beruti 3399, Palermo | C1425BBQ | 0800-222-CINE (2463) | 10 Screens | 3 3D Screens.



T.G.I. It has a young clientele that you will usually take advantage of afternoon Happy Hour, with Buffalo Wings appetizer (chicken with blue cheese sauce and celery sticks), or quesadillas, fajitas and nachos. The menu is full and written in English, but do not panic, all the dishes have a translation below. If there is time for a dinner Chop House Filet (two loin medallions wrapped in bacon, with caramelized onion, served with gratin potatoes and vegetables) it is a simple dish with good flavor.

Arenales 3360 | Alto Palermo Shopping | Buenos Aires | Argentina.



Romario its buildings, which evoke the traditional porteños bar atmosphere, have been exclusively designed to wait on the most distinguish clientele.

Those who have made what Romario is, work on just a unique aim: to offer the best service and goods, remarkable for its excellence. In a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, you can share the best moments with friends and relatives, while enjoying the most delicious tastes and aromas at our restaurant.

ARENALES 2007 | Phone number: 4511-4444 | pizza@romario.com.ar



Catering services, reception menus, lunch, cocktails.

Our delicious traditional empanadas and dishes that you choose ready to serve and taste, served with homemade desserts and the best drinks.

Posadas 1515 | Phone number: 4804-2909 | Delivery: from 12 pm to 4 pm and from 9 pm to 11 pm.



Franco Parma It was born in 1995 with the aim of creating a self-image firm.

Our highest quality products (cold meat, cheese and wine) makes our place´s style unique.

Av. Coronel Diaz 1817| Phone number: 4822-6042



Ice cream and Delights

In 1979, Maria Carmen S. Perez Companc began to spread the benefits of the Jersey cows breed and started the \"Cabaña San Isidro Labrador\" which currently has 2 own dairy farms where around 12.000Lt. Jersey milk are produced.

República Dominicana 3352 | Phone number: 0810-555-0505



One morning in 1969, Freddo opened its first store in Callao avenue, in Barrio Norte neighbourhood. Thus began the ice cream history with the best dulce de leche flavor in Argentina.

A leader in the market and craftsmanship, synonym for the best flavor. Freddo grew a lot, but each cone that leaves the ice cream parlour always keeps the Ice Cream flavor and quality craftsmanship as a secret.

ARENALES 3360 | Phone number: 0810-33-FREDDO



Today and every day is a good day to savor the incredible Tenkuu proposals.

Ancient Asian dishes, new and traditional Japanese cuisine, fusion, classical Japanese and modern sushi prepared by chefs who really know the secrets of the kitchen Nikkei.

Try them. Today is the day.

Hair 3370 | Palermo | TEL: 4801-8042